Understanding The Venus Factor Program

Venus Factor is a specially designed weight-reduction program developed to assist women according to their unique needs. It requires 12 weeks to implement, and the workout techniques involved are supposed to bring your body to the required shape. This includes rebalancing body hormones, regulating metabolism and boosting muscle mass while burning fat.

The Venus Factor Program

The specific needs of a woman dictate that a variety of factors should be taken into consideration. diet journalChief among these is the Venus Factor Diet, and specifically nutritional needs, which are determined by the age, height, body shape and weight of a woman. The Venus Factor program develops a custom diet plan for every woman based on her specific needs. For more information go to the venus factor review. This includes choosing the right types of foods for every meal, the number of required calories and intake timing that will bring the desired change.

Leptin hormone

The entire concept of the Venus Factor centers around a diet plan that involves the hormone “Leptin.” This is the primary hormone abundantly found in the female body that control metabolism and ensure that you keep burning fat, by eliminating “Leptin Resistance” so that the body retains only optimal levels of fat.
Apart from the functions of Leptin, the Venus Factor also provides a comprehensive exercise regime that is specially developed for the female body. No gym equipment is required, and all the Venus Factor exercises can be performed at home.

Venus factor community

Once you buy the program, one is offered a membership and log-in details to their website. Here is the exclusive Venus Factor community. The community will provide you with all the support and help you may need during your weight-loss journey. In the community, you will meet other participants with similar weight issues as you and you will be delighted or dismayed to learn that there are participants with worse weight issues than you.

Creator of Venus Factor

John Barban is the developer and the brains behind Venus Factor. He got his degree in Nutrition and Human Biology from the University of Guelph, in Canada. After getting a degree in Exercise Physiology from the University of Florida, he embarked on aggressive research in the Sports Supplements Industry with a bias on weight loss supplements.

How venus factor works

The Venus Factor program is specifically developed for women. It is unique from other products and works entirely using a different approach. John Barbin recognized early that it is the Leptin hormone that controls the amount of fat stored in the female body. And that if you can control Leptin and its sensitivity in the bloodstream, you can burn fat and lose weight. When women age, and especially after childbirth, they get chubbier and lose Leptin sensitivity. Put differently; their bodies lose resistance to the Leptin hormone.

Advantages of using venus factor

woman doing sit up The benefits of using Venus Factor are listed below:
• It has a well proved and easy to use approach
• It focuses only on the Leptin hormone and no other supplements, to lose weight
• It is developed solely for women and takes into consideration specific women requirements
• It is easy to use and implement
• It saves you huge costs compared to other weight-loss programs