Types Of Psychics Explained

In the world of psychics, there are several different types of psychic readers. Some psychics have the ability to perform several types of readings and are not just limited to one. Many people have turned to these talented individuals to get answers where they had none before. Read More about the psychics by clicking on the active link.

General information


statueThis ability is also known as ESP or a sixth sense. When you get a psychic reading by someone who is clairvoyant, they will receive images in their minds related to events in your life. Sometimes they will experience symbols, colors and even short movie like scenes of things happening in your life. It is believed that clairvoyance is simply a higher level of thought which can be achieved by anyone to wish is to practice and study.


These are psychics who have the gift where they can receive messages from spirit guides. It is sometimes known that these spirit guides can be communicating from another dimension. Someone gifted with clairaudience might be first introduced to their ability as a little voice which warns us not to do something, and we are glad we did because of what followed.


When someone can feel the spiritual, physical and emotional energies around them, they are known as empathic. These individuals are also called sensitives because they are quite sensitive to everyone and everything around them. They can use their gift to read other individuals and interpret their findings.


These are psychics who have the ability to speak with people beyond what divides the living from the dead. They can receive information and advice from entities which are not from this realm. It has been used for centuries by psychics and shamans around the world.
Some psychics have more than one of the above abilities, while others may just be gifted with one. They have been using these gifts for as long as man has been recording his history. A lot of individuals have received the answers they need by availing themselves to psychic readers with one or more of these gifts.


magic ballWhen you go to a psychic, they will inform you about their specialties and will have several services to offer you. They can give you an extensive reading, or you can just ask the questions that you wish to be answered about your life. You will be amazed at the psychic’s abilities and how much detail that they can give you about your current situation. It is important to remember that psychics can guide you in the right direction, but it is up to you to follow their guidance.